A push to end the global HIV epidemic

At a recent conference in Paris, HIV experts agreed that the fight against the virus was in its ascendancy. If eradication is to become a reality, young people must remain committed to the task

At the start of the millennium, a positive HIV test was equivalent to a death sentence. Average life expectancy after diagnosis was just one to two years for those in low-to-middle-income countries, and one of the main reasons to get tested was to have time to prepare for death. But now the scales have tipped. For the first time since the start of the epidemic, more than half of people living with HIV and Aids (PLWHA) are having treatment.

The number of Aids-related deaths has almost halved since 2005 and in high-income countries, the life expectancy of PLWHA comes close to that of people living without the virus.

Treatment is working, but stubborn challenges remain. People continue to be infected, around one million still die from the virus every year and while 53% of PLWHA now have access to treatment, a significant number still do not. At present, the global HIV community of researchers, policymakers and healthcare providers is working towards UNAids’ 90-90-90 targets.

Read the full article: A push to end the global HIV epidemic

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