Do you need an office for your business?

Many smaller organisations are managing to scale operations and employ diverse staff without an office space, but it’s not for everyone.

Operating without an office has long been common for small businesses looking to keep overheads low as they start out, but, even as they become more established, companies are choosing to stick with the virtual office model. The employees of open-source content management system WordPress all work away from its rarely-used office, while PricewaterhouseCoopers recently reduced office space per employee by 30% to become a more virtual business.

So, is the era of the office over?

Remote working isn’t just for small companies

The 16 employees and 27 associates of Caffeine, a business consultancy, decide where and when they work. “I don’t mind where or when you do it, as long as you deliver for the client on time and to a good quality,” says chief executive Sophie Devonshire. Employees work from home or coffee shops, and use private members clubs to meet clients.

At Sensee, a customer service provider, almost all 800 employees work from home. The company provides all the software, but staff must have their own desktop computer, phone, broadband connection and a secluded space to work. “It’s as much for the security of the employee as for the data of the client,” says Steve Mosser, founder and chief executive. “We don’t do things with laptops, as Wi-Fi networks aren’t secure – and we have a health and safety responsibility to the people we employ, which is limited to the vicinity of their work stations.”  

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