Katherine Purvis

Freelance journalist and commissioning editor


Thanks for taking a look around my site.

At present, I’m working as the Assistant Editor (part-time) of The Third Pole. With an editorial team spread across the UK, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh, we publish news and analysis on water and climate change issues in South Asia. For the other half of the working week, I am a freelance journalist and editor, primarily focusing on global development, the environment and social issues.

Before working at The Third Pole, I was at the Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network, commissioning and writing on sustainable development, access to water and sanitation, humanitarianism and other global development issues.

As a freelance editor, I have worked for several of the Guardian’s Professionals Networks, including Teachers, Higher Education and Social Care. As a journalist my work has appeared on Guardian Cities, Guardian Social Care, Guardian Careers and the Telegraph’s Small Business Connect.

How I got here…

I started my professional journalism career as the assistant editor for the Guardian’s Live Better Challenge, after various internships and work experience placements at the Northern Echo, the Kentish Express, Gateway to Africa, The South African, and Smithsonian Magazine.

I have a Bachelors degree from the University of Sheffield and a Masters degree from the University of Kent. I speak English, French, a little Italian and an even smaller amount of Swahili.


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